>Goodnight Moon

>This week we read “Goodnight Moon”. Definitely a favorite story of ours but nothing spectacular since he’s been reading it for 3 years. We learned the letter M and did a lot of activities with that. We also learned some nursery rhymes. He loved “Hey Diddle Diddle” I actually remember my mom reading that to me in my mother goose little golden book. =)

His handwriting is getting much better. He is still having trouble with his N’s though. And naturally his letters are enormous but we are working on size and space etc. Keep in mind he is 4 so I wont get too crazy. lol That “A” is perfection though =)

In the spirit of Halloween we did some Halloween themed worksheets. KUMON workbooks are the best. This is some pre-writing practice.
Spooky Patterns..
The letter M. Trying to write and eat an apple is an advanced skill he hasn’t yet mastered.
We just started talking about rhyming words. It was way over his head before but he totally gets it now. Here’s a little house we glues on another worksheet when he has to open the windows to find the words that rhyme.

Aidan’s painting of the moon and stars.

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